Our Company Background

T.T.T. Studio Ltd is a limited company set up in 1996 by Akiko Yamaguchi in the UK with Susan Alderson. In 1998, T.T.T. Studio, Japan was established to expand the translation and cultural skills on offer from Europe and Japan.

Past work experience in Japan, England and Scotland have formed a skills resource on which the company bases its intellectual business activities.

Our company name, T.T.T., originates from the idea of connecting one point to another point (TEN TO TEN in Japanese). Integrity is a high priority in our company and plays an important part supporting intercultural business communication through the collaboration of T.T.T. Studio in Japan and the UK.

Our translators work on a personal but professional level and recognize the importance of incorporating cultural differences between languages.

We are a member of British Market Council in Japan (http://bmc.milkcafe.com/) and British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (http://www.bccjapan.com).